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How an Animation Company Brings Humanity Together by
Using Cartoons to Break Through Language Barriers


LONDON – (DECEMBER 11, 2016)PowToon, software that puts the power of animation into everyone’s hands, brought its latest animation platform to the Eastern African country of Tanzania to meet the Hadzabe Tribe, who are technologically isolated and have never seen cartoons before. PowToon released a web video today documenting their journey into Northern Tanzania where the Hadzabe welcomed them and shared their art and culture. Upon sharing animations with the Hadzabe, they were able to connect through laughter and the universal language of cartoons. The experience helped to build enough trust to allow PowToon to bring much-needed medical aid.

PowToon’s journey to Tanzania and their meeting with the Hadza Tribe was released today in a web video on PowToon’s blog and social media channels. CEO Ilya Spitalnik, COO Daniel Zaturansky and Marketing Manager Talia Finn-Jakar set out to find if the love of animation is universal, or if it is a product of childhood conditioning. So they wanted to bring cartoons to those that had never seen them before. The experience evolved into an exploration of the human spirit and the unifying power of communication through laughter and art.

The video also reveals that PowToon learned about the serious healthcare issues facing the tribe and were able to connect the Hadzabe with local doctors who previously had been unable to reach them.

“It’s safe to say that when we started this journey it was a crazy idea and we truly didn’t know what to expect,” said Ilya Spitalnik, founder and CEO of PowToon. “However, we accomplished what we set out to do—we proved that cartoons are a fundamental form of communication, instinctively understood by everyone across boundaries, borders, and cultures, regardless of whether you grew up watching Mickey Mouse or not. But beyond that, we learned that no matter how far apart we might be from one another geographically, people are all connected, and the power of laughter and a little open-mindedness can bring us all together.”

As a result of their experience, PowToon committed to caring for the needs of the Hadza tribe by working with local doctors to deliver ongoing medical care and food.

Additional outtakes, photos and the full web video from PowToon’s journey can be enjoyed and viewed on their blog.


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Launched in 2012, PowToon’s mission is to make it possible for everyone to animate. In just four short years, over 34 million Powtoons have been created for use in business presentations, product launches, digital and broadcast ads, as explainer videos, education materials for the classroom and much more.

PowToon adds a touch of awesomeness to everyday communications, turning content into something people really want to watch.

Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League universities, SMBs and over 11 million global users choose PowToon when they can’t afford to be ignored.

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Daniel Zaturansky- CEO & Co-Founder

Sven Hoffmann- CTO & Founding Member


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